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robotic systems

Intelligent & precise

High-precision robot system are an essential part of a modern production area. Because of that is important to have a reliable partner by ones side.

As a certified systems integrator we are your partner for the development and integration of robot systems into your machine park.

✓ Unlimited use cases

✓ Certified system supplier

✓ Individual software & programming

We automize your process

We are your supplier for the automization of your process using robot systems. Together we develop individual robot systems for all purposes - from systems for small quantities to fully automated production lines.

Besides the handling solution, we deliver complete production equipment including test equipment for each production step.

We are not bound to any specific robot supplier, instead we develop a specific concept just for you.

We are mainly working with robots from fruitcore robotics, Stäubli oder KUKA.

Want to use another robot supplier?

Contact us, we will find a solution for you!


Step 1

Analysis of your processes


Step 2

Selection of the right robot system and development of a concept


Step 3

Manufacturing of the robot system and integration into your shop floor

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We would like to show you a small selection of the versatile utilizaton of robot systems withing our projects.

Roboteranlage zum Handling von Sensoren
data sheet
Handling of electronic Sensors
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Montageanlage für Kontaktpins
data sheet
Assembly of contact pins
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Our Robotic Partners

fruitcore robotics Zertifikat
Stäubli Logo

Fruitcore Robotics


    • High performance and easy to use robots
    • intuitive HorstFX software
    • mobile robot controller
    • easy setup
    • 6-axis industrial robot
    • great value for money

We are convinced of fruitcore robotics

"Often classical industrial robots are too expensive and complex. HORST therefore is an exciting product with a great cost-performance ratio. We are delighted to have a solution for these use cases in our portfolio!" 

Thomas Kutzschbach, General Manager Kutzschbach Electronic GmbH & Co. KG


  • very high repetition accuracy
  • high-performance, precise and useroriented solutions
  • For all industrial branches

High precision with Stäubli

„Mit den Robotern von Stäubli können wir jede denkbare Aufgabenstellung lösen. Wir schätzen insbesondere die Wiederholgenauigkeit der Bewegungen, die selbst ‚Uhrmacher-Aufgaben‘ mit filigranen Teilen erlaubt. Der technische Support des Herstellers ist stets verlässlich. Stäubli steht uns immer unkompliziert und schnell zur Seite.“

Konstantin Cvetkov, System development

KUKA Roboter

  • Broad portfolio of robot systems
  • Solutions for each use case
  • einer der führenden Industrieroboter-Hersteller

KUKA als Allround-Lösung

„Einer der bekanntesten Roboterhersteller darf in unserem Sortiment nicht fehlen. KUKA bietet ein umfassendes Produktportfolio an Industrierobotern mit einer Lösung für jede noch so anspruchsvolle Aufgabe. Von der Programmierung bis hin zur Inbetriebnahme – wir integrieren KUKA-Roboter in alle Arten von  Industrieanlagen.“

Miroslav Macho, Systementwicklung

Our offer for you

Automatization has become part and parcel of a modern production area. It provides us a big amount of advantages: a flexible production, improving and ensuring product quality or improvement of cycle times. With our long-term experience in automatiazion and machine development we can support you comprehensively.

Icon Automatisierung

Automation technology

Softwareentwicklung Icon

Software engineering


Test & measurement technology

Your direct contact to our

Automation Technology

Our team is looking forward to your request! Just leave us a message so that we can contact you.
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