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Two office workers, a woman and a man, work together on a computer in an office environment. Behind them is a striking green wall made of moss, creating a natural and calming background. They seem focused and committed to their task.


In several business units (e.g. security, infrastructure, etc.) with corresponding areas of expertise, the technology team takes care of the implementation, maintenance and optimization of the holistic solutions. It ensures smooth operations and is available in the event of technical problems.

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Four men of different ages stand next to each other at an office table and look at a computer screen. The youngest man operates the mouse while the others watch carefully. They are wearing business casual clothes, the first man has headphones around his neck. The scene takes place in a bright, modern office accented by vibrant, colorful wall art and houseplants.


IT consultants provide our customers with comprehensive advice on the topics of digitalization and automation of business processes, security standards, emergency planning, legal regulations and data protection.

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Four men in a bright office during a brainstorming session. One of the men stands at a blackboard and writes while the others watch and listen. The board is filled with notes and diagrams, indicating a collaborative work environment and teamwork.


The sales team makes the best choice for our customers from the variety of solutions on the market. The focus here is on cultivating long-term partnerships, providing information about complex IT topics, responding to the needs of our customers and getting them excited about future-oriented solutions.

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A woman with glasses presents colored sticky notes on a glass wall, a man and a woman in the background also look at notes. You are in a brainstorming meeting and seem engaged and cooperative.

Project management

All threads come together in project management. The team coordinates and monitors the implementation of our projects from A to Z. They ensure that everything runs smoothly, deadlines are met and our customers' expectations are met.

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Software Development

Not every task can be solved with standard software. Our software developers develop application-specific software and thus implement tailor-made solutions that are tailored precisely to the needs of our customers.

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Two women sit opposite each other at a white desk and have a cheerful conversation, one with gray hair and a scarf, the other with long brown hair. A man works on a computer in the background.


Our administration forms the organizational backbone that enables our company to run smoothly. This includes, among other things, accounting, the secretariat and the human resources department.

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Three people at a table with sticky notes in a brainstorming session. One woman is typing on a laptop, another is holding a camera, and the third is looking at the notes.


The marketing team makes the Kutzschbach brand and our services known. It creates awareness, develops creative campaigns, organizes events and keeps customers and interested parties up to date with news. get to know marketing
Four employees in an IT support center wearing headsets work and discuss at standing desks with multiple screens.


If you have any questions or technical problems, our support team is available as a separate business unit at Kutzschbach. You ensure quick and efficient problem solving for our customers and always keep an overview.

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So that we can help you most easily via remote maintenance, please download it here Teamviewer program Download and contact our support. 

Our support team will then support you directly in setting up the tool.