Franky – World Penguin Day

Happy World Penguin Day! 🐧❤️ Today we celebrate one of the most adorable creatures on our planet - the penguin! But why does Kutzschbach celebrate World Penguin Day? Our managing director Frank Söder tells you the background to our mascot “Franky” and why penguins have a very special meaning at Kutzschbach.

Since the Partner Days 2022, the Kutzschbach family has gained a family member with the addition of mascot “Franky”. Of all the name suggestions for our new animal, the name “Franky” based on our two managing directors Frank Kutzschbach and Frank Söder prevailed. But to what extent does a penguin, of all things, represent the Kutzschbach companies, you ask?


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Yes, penguins can't fly, have short legs and a big belly. On land they look rather clumsy and clumsy due to their waddling gait. At first they seem like a faulty design. But if you look at a penguin in its element, the water, its strengths come to light and it presents itself as a very efficient swimmer and diver - perfectly adapted. In addition, many penguin species are considered loyal, bond for life and thus represent tolerance, solidarity, helpfulness and have distinctive social behavior.
This shows that the environment is crucial to whether our strengths and what we can do can come to the fore or not. Every employee has strengths that, like the penguin, are sometimes not obvious at first glance and only come into their own in the right working environment. “Franky” therefore perfectly represents our Kutzschbach team, in which the commitment of employees according to their strengths and cohesion is emphasized in order to create an environment inside and outside the company in which everyone can live out their strengths.
By the way, Franky is very popular with our employees' kids and has become a cheer-maker, animal toy, daycare companion, minder, passenger or cuddly friend for many of them.

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