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Using the Kutzschbach IoT & OT Monitoring solutions you can easily acquire all important data from your shop floor.
Use this data to analyze the condition of your machinesCondition Monitoring), für automatisierte Benachrichtigungen und Aktionen bei Störungen oder um beispielsweise Füllstände von Verbrauchsmedien zu überwachen und rechtzeitig das Signal zum nachfüllen zu geben. Planen Sie Ihre Wartungstermine (vorausschauende Instandhaltung /Predictive Maintenance) rechtzeitig bevor Ausfälle und Störungen auftreten. Die Möglichkeiten sind fast unbegrenzt!
Due to our standardized componentes for Paessler PRTG and Microsoft Azure, integration on your site can be done in next to no time.
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Your Possibilities

Keep track of the most important data in your machine park - quickly, low-cost and independt from the machine manufacturer.
Connection of devices and production equipment to a monitoring system 
Aquisition of machine status,ung of Maschinenstatus, material levels or other signals and transmit them to your monitoring system using the IOT Transformer
+ Predictive Maintenance: React to anomalies before outages occur

+ Flexible and affordable extension possibilites
+ Our technicians will assist you with the installation on site gerne bei Ihnen vor Ort 
+ Setup of a central dashboardses as well as of decentralized infoboards spread across your company 

The concept at a glance

The data acquired in your environment will be stored and preprocessed by the KE IOT Transformer.

IOT Transformer

The IOT Transformer is the core of our system. It acquires and processes your data and provides the interface to your monitoring system.
We ship the IOT Transformer preconfigured on request, so the only thing that remains to do for you is to integrate it into your environment.
We have developed interfaces to Paessler PRTG and Microsoft Azure that enable a fast and uncomplicated connection.

Are you using a different system? Contact us and we will develop an individual solution for you!

Required connections: 
  • Power 230V/16A 
  • Network port to connect to your monitoring 
IOT Monitoring mit KE IOT Transformer

Option 1



The IOT Transformer DI Extender is an addon for the IOT Transformer. Use it to directly transmit machine signals to your monitoring system via the IOT Transformer.
Available in two sizes: with 8 or 16 digital inputs. 

Option 2



The IOT DI-Box is used for decentral acquisition of machine signals. It transmits the acquired data to the IOT Transformer using an ethernet connection. Available in two sizes: with 8 or 16 digital inputs. 
Required connections:
> Power 230V/16A
> Ethernet connection to IOT Transformer

Option 3



The KE Wireless Bridge transmits the machine data from KI Wireless DI Addons to the KE Transformer without any wiring needed. Using the KE Wireless Bridge you can connect up to 128 Wireless DI addons. Communication is based on the LoRaWan Standard.
Required connections:
> Power 230V/16A
> Ethernet connection to IOT Transformer 


Use the KE Wireless DI addon to transmit machine data to the KE Wireless Bridge over WiFi. Available in three sizes: with 2, 8 or 16 digital inputs. 
Required connections:
> 24V DC / 2A 

IOT Wireless Temperature + Humidity 

Acquire Temperate and Humidity over WiFi using the IOT Wireless Temperature + Humidty sensor.
Iot Transformer
data sheet
IOT Transformer
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Project Steps

We are looking forward to working on mutual projects with you.
What are the different project steps? After the first contact we do an analysis regarding the present infrastructure of the monitored machines. Afterwards we define the aims of the machine data monitoring together with you in a workshop. After the workshop we create a concept for the implementation. The successfull implementation will be followed by the Go-Live.

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