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Internet of Things

Machine monitoring


With the Kutzschbach Machine monitoring solutions you can quickly and easily acquire all the process data from your production. Use this data to analyze your machine park, for automated notifications on errors or to control material levels inside your machine. There are endless possibilites!
Due to our standardized componentes for Paessler PRTG and Microsoft Azure, integration on your site can be done in next to no time. 

Your Possibilities

Keep track of the most important data in your machine park - quickly, low-cost and independt from the machine manufacturer.
Connection of devices and production equipment to a monitoring system 
Aquire your machine status, of  Füllständen oder sonstigen Signalen and transmit them to your monitoring system using the KE-Transformer 
+ Our technicians will assist you with the installation on site  
+ Setup of a central dashbardes as well as of decentralized dashboards spread across your company 

Machine data monitoring - concept

The KE-Transformer captures your machine signals and processes them so they can be presented to your monitoring system. Learn more about the KE-Transformer:  


The KE-Transformer is the core of our system. It acquires and processes your data and provides the interface to your monitoring system.
We ship the KE-Transformer preconfigured on request, so the only thing that remains to do for you is to integrate it into your environment.  .
Our standardized interfaces to Paessler PRTG and Microsoft AZURE allow for a quick and easy connection.

Are you using a different system? Contact us and we will develop an individual solution for you!

Required connections: 
  • Power 230V/16A 
  • Network port to connect to your monitoring 

Option 1



The KE Transformer DI Extender is an addon for the KE Transformer. Use it to directly transmit machine signals to your monitoring system via the KE Transformer.
Available in two sizes: with 8 or 16 digital inputs. 

Option 2



The KE DI-Box is used for decentral acquisition of machine signals. It transmits the acquired data to the KE Transformer using an ethernet connection. Available in two sizes: with 8 or 16 digital inputs. 
Required connections: 
  • Power 230V/16A 
  • Ethernet connection to KE-Transformer

Option 3



The KE Wireless Bridge transmits the machine data from KI Wireless DI Addons to the KE Transformer without any wiring needed. Using the KE Wireless Bridge you can connect up to 128 Wireless DI addons. Communication is based on the LoRaWan Standard.
Required connections: 
  • Power 230V/16A 
  • Ethernet connection to KE-Transformer 


Use the KE Wireless DI addon to transmit machine data to the KE Wireless Bridge over WiFi. Available in three sizes: with 2, 8 or 16 digital inputs. 
Required connections: 
  • 24V DC / 2A 

KE Wireless Temperature + Humidity 

Acquire Temperate and Humidity over WiFi using the KE Wireless Temperature + Humidty sensor.

Project Steps


We are looking forward to working on mutual projects with ouy. So, how does a project with Kutzschbach look like?
At first, we make an in-depth anaylsis of your existing infrastructure and the machines to monitor.
In a workshop we define the project goals together. After his workshop you receive a detailed concept for a possible solution from us.
After that we implement the solution for you and our technicians will support you during the Go-live of the project.

Our solution

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Our IoT-team is looking forward to your request! Just leave us a message so that we can contact you.
Phone: +49 9081 2503 0

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