Digitization Bonus Plus

The funding program of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing.

Criteria for
the funding

What is promoted?

The introduction of new digital information and communication technology systems for products, services, processes, improving IT security and artificial intelligence applications are eligible for funding. In addition, the training of employees necessary as part of the digitalization project can be funded.

Which companies are supported?

Small and medium-sized companies based in Baden-Württemberg with up to 500 employees can apply for the Digitization Bonus Plus in order to implement digitization projects in their company or take measures to improve their IT security.

How much is subsidized?

Measures between 10.000 and 20.000 euros are funded.


Not to be funded

Digitization bonus plus Detail

Eligible companies can choose between the following two program variants.

Digitization Bonus Plus

Subsidy option
(direct grant)

Digitization Bonus Plus

Loan variant
(reduced interest loan with repayment subsidy)

If a company has already received the digitalization bonus, the determination of the repayment subsidy for the loan or the full payment of the subsidy must have been more than one year ago. 


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