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Risk management consulting

Risks are the bow waves of success - that's what the author Carl Amery wrote. If you want to recognize and take advantage of your opportunities, you must also manage your risks. We help you to use the potential of active and sustainable risk management for successful development.
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Risk management

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Educated technicians, computer engineers and information manager
High range of know how in many industries
(healthcare, energy, production, automotive, public administration)
6 years experience in practical implementation
Synergy effects through consulting of several companies

Risk management

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The protection of the company from dangers and risks is a continous duty of the management. The risk management system required for this analyzes, identifies and counters corresponding risks with appropriate measures.

Emergency strategy


Risk management

IT emergency strategy

In the conception and establishment of your IT emergency planning, we first identify together with you the business processes that are critical for your company and how they are depicted in IT.
We support you in evaluating business processes and determine their maximum downtime. Setting responsibilities and creating restart plans complete the process that brings significant benefits.
Complete analysis of business processes and their dependencies on IT
+ Consolidation, decrease of complexity
+ Dissolving of monopolies
+ Automatic check of contracts and SLAs
+ Also: Substitution of outages caused by holiday or illness
With the software INDART Professional used by Kutzschbach you get to a revision safe and financial accountant safe IT emergency strategy in eight steps.

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INDART Professional Produktlogo Contechnet
With the software INDART Professional used by Kutzschbach you get to a revision safe and financial accountant safe IT emergency strategy in eight steps.

Our partner

At the same time, the dynamic, database-based approach offers further added value, such as an always up-to-date emergency manual, which can be easily adapted and maintained accordingly quickly. In addition, the system has a comprehensive reporting system, so it can also be conveniently used as an operating manual. Intelligent failure managers will show you in one click what to do in case of a case and where the responsibilities lie. Your task is to evaluate and analyze and not type in data.
Even without tool-assisted work, our experts accompany you in this process and create the emergency planning you need with you.
Logo Klinik Altmühlfranken

„Am Ende der initialen Umsetzung bin ich stolz auf das Geschaffte. Wir verfügen auch dank der Experten von Kutzschbach, die immer wieder an den richtigen Stellen nachgehakt haben, über eine funktionsfähige IT-Notfallplanung. Die Vorteile des Systems gehen aber weit darüber hinaus. Wir werden Indart fortan auch als Betriebshandbuch nutzen. Schön ist zudem, dass wir auch in unserer weiteren Planung bzgl. der Implementierung eines Informationssicherheits-Managementsystems (ISMS) nun gut aufgestellt sind, da Indart hierfür die Grundlage bereitstellt.“

Heiko Lehner
Klinikum Altmülfranken

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„Die Umsetzung der IT-Notfallplanung mit INDART Professional durch die Experten von Kutzschbach ist der erste Schritt in Richtung ISMS. Die zügige Abwicklung des Projekts und die Erweiterbarkeit im Hinblick auf die geplante Einführung des ISMS hat uns überzeugt. Zudem bietet das System vielfältige Möglichkeiten, die über reine IT-Notfallplanungsfunktionalität hinausgehen.“

Manfred Merz
IT-Sicherheits- und Datenschutzbeauftragter 
Landratsamt Augsburg

Risk management

Information security management

In our increasingly digitized society, information is increasingly becoming critical success factors, on the availability of which the economically successful actions of a company depend to a considerable extent. Information thus represents values within an organization that need to be protected.
Establishing an information security management system represents a systematic and sustainable approach to protect your information assets.
Risk management

BSI basis protection

The basic IT protection developed by the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) is a model of procedure for identifying hazards and implementing security measures in the field of IT for companies. The aim of basic IT protection is to achieve a medium, adequate and adequate level of protection for IT systems and the information processed with them.
We support you in the implementation of the basic IT protection according to BSI by using the software INDITOR BSI from CONTECHNET. The software simplifies the creation of IT security concepts and supports the procedure along the BSI standards 100-1 - 100-3 (coverage of the standard 100-4 - contingency planning by INDART Professional). By integrating the current BSI catalogues, INDITOR enables the development of the required minimum level of protection of information security as a comprehensive, subject-specific and above all practical solution.
In four steps you will achieve your aims:

Structure analysis

Analysis and visualization of the reliabilities of business processes, IT applications & information technology


Selection and Adaption of activities from the basis protection katalogues for the in the information group fixed aim objects

Basis security check

target-performance comparism of the implementation level of the recommended activities for the declaration of the current security level & the identification of improvement possibilities

Risk analysis

Basis for the establishment of security measures for tasks with a high or very high protection demand

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“I support the IT consulting team in topics like IT emergency strategies and risk management. I look forward to provide our customers solution-oriented advice and to look after them in the best possible way."

Jochen Preiß
Data protection & risk management
Kutzschbach Electronic

“The trend of the digitalization is changing the economy and companies. This trend also creates new challenges for your IT, the solution of which requires a fundamental consideration. As a consultant, I will be happy to answer your questions and support you in developing solutions."

Patrick Kandert
Kutzschbach Electronic