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Skillfully monitor your network.

Learn what you need to PRTG monitoring

Are you already using PRTG or are you getting the solution for your IT? Are you just missing the necessary know-how and best practice configuration? 

In the PRTG training you will learn everything about the correct setup and use of your PRTG monitoring system.

The aim of the training is to enable you to deprecate and manage your PRTG monitoring independently.

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PRTG monitoring workshop in Detail

In our two-part PRTG monitoring workshop, we will show you what is required for a functioning emergency plan and how to implement corresponding processes in the company. The following topics will be covered during the workshop: 

PRTG monitoring

Application training
with max. 10 participants

Price on request

plus VAT.

Our Team of experts for the workshop
PRTG monitoring

We would be happy to advise you personally and create an individual offer that suits your requirements.

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Remote Maintenance

So that we can help you most easily via remote maintenance, please download it here Teamviewer program Download and contact our support. 

Our support team will then support you directly in setting up the tool.