Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup

Worry-free work, secure data: Our Microsoft 365 cloud backup offers reliable data backup for a protected working environment in which nothing is lost and everyone can keep track of things.

Microsoft 365: Cloud backup for maximum data security

How do you secure your data in the cloud? Did you know that Microsoft doesn't provide backup for its Office 365 services by default? Storing your applications and data in the cloud excludes them from your local backup solution. For example, if a user deletes data or oversaves it, it cannot be restored and is lost.

With the Office 365 Cloud to Cloud Backup you can protect your business data on your OneDrive cloud, in Outlook, Sharepoint and other storage locations.

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Back up your Microsoft 365 data in the cloud. Our backup offers data protection, recovery options and protects against data loss.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup Options

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Cloud Backup
per user / month
3,00 €
plus VAT.
Cloud Backup
per user / month
3,90 €
plus VAT.
HornetSecurity Total Protection Enterprise Backup
per user / month
7,00 €
plus VAT.

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