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Secure your building, data center and critical infrastructure.

Safety Technology for your company - simple and digital

Physical security is fundamental to the overall security of information technology. It includes various measures to prevent potential threats from physical influences on IT systems. This includes protective measures against water damage, fires and break-ins to ensure the integrity and availability of the IT infrastructure.

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Overall, effective physical security helps minimize the risk of disruption, data loss and financial damage.

Physical security Details

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Start with SmartAccess

This starter set offers everything you need to equip a door with the full SmartAccess functionality of KentixONE. It can be expanded at any time with additional categories such as SmartMonitoring, SmartVideo and SmartPDU.

This solution represents an ideal basis for securing offices, buildings as well as storage and logistics areas.

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Start with SmartMonitoring

This starter set contains everything you need to equip a room with the full functionality of KentixONE. It allows expansion at any time to include additional categories such as SmartAccess, SmartVideo and SmartPDU.

This creates an ideal basis for securing rooms, buildings and critical infrastructure.

from € 1.895,00
plus VAT.
Start an individual project

The KentixONE SiteManager forms the foundation of a comprehensive security solution with KentixONE. By using a single system, you retain full control and can seamlessly integrate all Kentix system categories and expand as needed.

SiteManager is suitable for projects of any size and can be deployed either as a hardware appliance or as a virtualized Docker container.

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Also discover the extensions to the basic equipment

room monitoring

Smart monitoring

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Access control


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Monitoring and power distribution


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