Microsoft Cloud – New prices 2023

As of April 01, 2023, Microsoft will adjust the prices for all cloud products worldwide.

The background to the price increase is the goal of uniform, currency-adjusted pricing worldwide. In future, prices should reflect the exchange rate of the local currency to the US dollar.

For the Eurozone, prices will rise by 11 percent.

Going forward, Microsoft will reassess prices twice a year and adjust them based on currency fluctuations against the US dollar to provide transparent pricing and greater predictability worldwide. Such an adjustment does not necessarily have to mean a price increase, but can theoretically also lead to a price reduction.

For existing subscriptions, regardless of whether they are a New Commerce Experience (NCE) license model or a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, the price increase will only come into effect after the fixed price has expired or after the contract term has expired.

Please contact us to review your existing contracts and discuss how to proceed.

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