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 What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a technology stack from Microsoft for the rapid development of individual and professional business apps. It enables companies to digitize and automate their business processes. It combines the following core functions for this purpose:
  • Power BI: Business intelligence platform for modeling reports and dashboards
  • Power Apps: Development environment for business applications
  • Power Automate: Workflow engine for process automation
  • Power Virtual Agents: Virtual chat bots for communication
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Using Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate, you can quickly and easily develop applications to support and automate your processes. Power Apps are easy to use and can be used independently of platform and location.

It doesn't matter if your data is local or in the cloud, the Microsoft Power Platform makes it easy to connect data sources. The integration of all applications from the Office365 technology platform enables you to automate your digital processes - from sending e-mails and scheduling appointments with Outlook, to working with documents in SharePoint, to publishing apps and data in Teams.


What are the advantes of using Microsoft Power Platform?

Functioning and efficient business processes are an important success factor. However, if the time required, costs or quality of business processes are not right, then the competitiveness of the company is at stake. The Power Platform helps to save time, cut costs and ensure quality.Consequently, it is to be understood as a tool, but requires a fundamentally always a functioning business process.
    The most important advantages of Microsoft PowerApps at a glance:
    Quick and easy development of applications
    Simple connection of various data sources
    Perfect integration into the Microsoft Office 365 world
    Power Apps are executable on all devices regardless of location.
    Automated distribution of the application to the users
    Processes and decisions are facilitated and accelerated
    Reduced development time
    Automation of routine activities reduces the workload of employees

    Why work with Kutzschbach?

    Thanks to our many years of experience in software development with Microsoft products, we can support you in the design and development of Power Apps as well as in their integration into your IT and process landscape.
    We offer you both organizational and technical support: We advise you on the digitization of business processes and analyze, model and optimize your workflows. We then implement the processes digitally for you.
    In addition, our portfolio also includes workshops and training courses. After all, the efficient digitalization of a process often means not only the purely technical implementation, but first of all the analysis and revision of the existing process.

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