Kutzschbach: one Combination of tradition & modernity

From the sole proprietor in Nördlingen
IT solution provider in 3 regions with around
80 employees.

A man and a woman sit together and look at a laptop screen; office furniture and other colleagues can be seen in the background.
A smiling woman in business attire walks through a bright office hallway surrounded by plants and an illuminated room in the background.
A smiling young man stands at a height-adjustable desk and works on a computer in a modern office.

The Future hangs
depends on what we do
do today

Our portfolio of holistic IT concepts and individual solutions in the areas of IT solutions, IT services, IT consulting and software development is spread across two Kutzschbach companies in the geographical triangle Nördlingen, Augsburg and Ulm.

Through different areas of expertise and close cooperation between Kutzschbach Electronic and Kutzschbach INNOVATIONS, we combine constant experience and the courage to innovate in order to always achieve the best for our customers.

Nördlingen &

Kutzschbach Electronic

Our IT system house does not operate standard information technology - rather, it plans, implements and supports holistically 
IT infrastructures that are specifically tailored to the needs and budgets of our customers.

We are specialists in the areas of IT solutions, IT security, managed services, IT consulting and software development.


For us, INNOVATION stands for intelligent concepts, modern solutions, as well as curiosity and enthusiasm for new things. And that is exactly our claim. In addition to IT infrastructures, we offer modern Microsoft365, cloud and service concepts.
With our concepts and solutions, we are the ideal partner for SMEs. For us, IT security, digitalization and modern corporate communication represent the challenges for the IT of the future.
& Ulm

That drives us

Our mission at Kutzschbach is to understand our customers in order to meet future needs with tailored IT solutions. IT is our passion and we live it every day.

We pursue a clear vision in everything we do:
As a reliable IT solution provider, we make our customers’ daily work easier, secure and further develop their business operations through IT-supported processes and accompany them into the digital future.

IT is our passion and we live it every day.

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A pair of look back

Six men stand on a stage in front of a banner with inscriptions and portraits, smiling into the camera.


Andreas Fischer and Tobias Schiffelholz become authorized representatives, Ralf Lindner becomes commercial manager

Five men in business attire stand smiling on a bridge outdoors, trees in the background.


Takeover of the business operations of Quentia GmbH and expansion of a technology base in Augsburg

Fireworks in the shape of the numbers '40' glow in the darkness, as part of an outdoor anniversary celebration.


40th company anniversary New branch of Kutzschbach INNOVATIONS GmbH in Ulm

Three men stand in a bright stairwell and look into the camera.


Thomas Kutzschbach becomes the third managing director

Three men in suits stand next to each other and put their hands together in a gesture of teamwork, smiling in front of a bright window.


Founding of Kutzschbach INNOVATIONS GmbH in Augsburg

Construction site of a multi-story building with a crane and scaffolding under a cloudy sky surrounded by green vegetation.


New construction and move into the new company building

Two men are sitting at a table in the office, looking at documents and happily looking into the camera. The older one holds a pen, the younger one leans forward.


Frank Söder becomes second managing director

An anniversary graphic with the number 20. This is surrounded by a laurel wreath and blue balloons, all in a sparkling blue atmosphere.


20th company anniversary

Two men in the office stand next to each other and talk, one leaning against an old computer monitor. The image is a black and white photograph.


Construction of a company building in Nördlingen

A man in an office sits at a desk next to a bouquet of flowers and in front of an old computer, with a humorous sign that says "This project is so secret." The picture is from the 80s.


Founding of Kutzschbach Electronic GmbH & Co. KG by Frank Kutzschbach

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