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The Kutzschbach Group

Modernity & Tradition combined

Since the establishment of Kutzschbach in 1981, a respectful customer relationship and a strong tie to the local roots of the company ensure the best possible solution for each customer.
We are looking back at a repertoire rich of experience in IT, software developement and automation. Connecting these fields allows us to work on completely new topics like the internet of things (IOT).
By founding Kutzschbach INNOVATIONS GmbH In May 2017 we are expaninding to a new market, geographically as well as with new technical solutions. A strategic decision for the future orientation of both Kutzschbach companies. This way we unite experience and innovation to have the self-confidence for further growth.

Kutzschbach INNOVATIONS GmbH

INNOVATION stands for intelligent concepts, modern solutions as well as the enthusiasm for the new. Besides IT infrastructure we offer modern Office365, cloud and service concepts we are also using ourselves.
Digitalized business- and work processes,modern company communcation and new intertwined workflows are the challenges for the IT of the future.
Established: May 2017 | Employees: 8


Kutzschbach Electronic GmbH & Co. KG

We operate in different branches: Our IT department plans, implements and supports your complete IT infrastructure with solutions individually tailored to the budget and needs of our customers.
Wir sind Experten in der Automatisierungstechnik – Wir entwicklen individuelle Prüf- und Testsysteme für unsere Kunden in den Branchen Automotive, Luftfahrt, Industrie und Medizintechnik. Dabei sind wir weltweit tätig und besitzen Servicestützpunkte in China und Mexiko.
Gründung: 1981    I   Mitarbeiter: 71